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Jude Law aging actor: Law explains aging on screen is complicated

Jude Law
Jude Law
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Jude Law is starting to get older, but he doesn't seem to mind. The actor is now speaking out about how getting older changes things and makes it where you have more options for jobs. On Thursday, Vancouver Sun shared what he had to say about it all in a recent interview. It is not something actors speak out about often but as you get older the jobs do start to change.

Law did reveal that they don't want him for romantic roles as much anymore. He is now 41-years-old and a lot of the romantic roles are meant for younger actors. Jude Law spoke out and said, "You get over a certain age, and you're more complicated anyway. So, I guess characters written for that age are more complicated, you know."

He went on to say, "There's this moment when you haven't quite learnt your lines, the play doesn't feel like it's coming together or at least you don't feel that you've fully understood the role or indeed the piece yet and everyone's looking around for a way out, an excuse. And yet you know that you have a set day ahead of you when you are going to open to the press — and indeed to the public — and it's nothing short of terrifying."

Jude Law admitted that you have to worry about failure because you are starting to try new things. He doesn't seem to mind though because he is doing to do just fine. His fans will follow him and don't mind that he is aging or trying out new roles. Jude is not finding any trouble finding work at all and his next film "Black Sea" will be out in theaters this year.