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Jucifer at Siberia March 7

Jucifer will be performing live at Siberia on Friday, March 7. Siberia is located at 2227 Saint Claude Avenue.

Coming to Siberia March 7
Coming to Siberia March 7
Lord of the Logos

This cutting-edge band began in Athens, Georgia in 1993 and has led the way in the two-piece heavy metal style of sludge/doom (although Jucifer members stay clear of genre designations and convention). For the past two decades they have put out albums such as: ‘Throned in Blood’ and ‘Nadir.’ More recently, Jucifer created their own label, Nomadic Fortress. This name probably stems from their decision to become a traveling band, living out of a tour vehicle.

Their appearance at Siberia will showcase the latest album, ‘за волгой для нас земли нет.’ Be prepared for the chest-pounding volume of Jucifer’s massive amp rigs. Doom metal is characterized by its slow tempo and heavy sound, whereas, sludge has a faster tempo along with aggressive vocals. However, Jucifer defies labeling and employs unique techniques and improvisations that provide audiences with a profound experience.

To find out more about tour dates and to purchase albums, check out their main website as well as their bandcamp. A digital album of their latest release is available for $9. "Like" them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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