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Jubilee: great beer that supports an even greater cause


Jubilee: Good Beer for a Good CausePerhaps you’ve seen this little nut brown ale around town. Its name is Jubilee, and it brags about itself saying it’s a “Good Beer for a Good Cause.” So, how does this beer live up to its hype?

Jubilee Craft Beer Company, LLC is the product of Mark Dunkerley’s fertile imagination. A Vanderbilt graduate, Dunkerley discovered craft beer while on a family trip to Oregon. Upon attending the Oregon Brewers Festival he was hooked.

After a few years of living in Arizona, Dunkerley returned to his native Nashville, where he got involved with the Oasis Center, a program that provides at-risk teens with the means to succeed in life. Oasis soon became Dunkerley’s second passion.

An evening of beers with a friend led to some brainstorming about how to let folks know about Oasis, and Jubilee was born.

Months of preparation led to a nut brown ale, brewed under contract with Bluegrass Brewing Company in Louisville, Ky., that can be found around Nashville in stores and restaurants, and which gives 50% of its profits to Oasis Center.

So there you go. Jubilee Nut Brown Ale is a good beer for a good cause. Try some today and know that, by enjoying a wonderful beer, you’re helping a terrific Nashville cause.


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