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Juan Pablo 'The Bachelor 2014' spoilers: 'lots of fighting' now with final lady

How is Juan Pablo Galavis getting along with his 'The Bachelor 2014' pick?
Copyright ABC/Craig Sjodin 2013

Fans are quite curious to find out how Juan Pablo Galavis and his chosen lady from ABC's “The Bachelor 2014” are doing these days. Many have had their doubts true love is flourishing, and the latest scoop from E! Online on March 7 may well extinguish the flame of hope for anybody holding out for a fairytale ending.

According to sources for E! Online, Juan Pablo and his final lady technically are still together, but barely. They are said to be fighting quite a bit, though producers hope things will be in a better state by Monday's finale and live “After the Final Rose” special. However, the sources indicate that “no one is holding their breath.”

The source goes on to say that if Juan Pablo and his final lady are still together at the finale, “it's probably just an act.” Unfortunately that probably won't come as much of a surprise. Watching the body language will be quite interesting on this one, as it seems doubtful either of the two parties involved will be able to hide it all that well if the fighting and discontent is as prevalent as it is said to be.

Though the ratings have been solid this season, fans and apparently those on the production side are growing weary of Galavis and his attitude. The latest in a long line of challenges came when he tweeted a "joke" most felt was in incredibly poor taste. Rather than apologize, Juan Pablo essentially told followers they needed more culture. It's been a running pattern this season on “The Bachelor 2014” that Juan Pablo seems to always think he's right, and he rarely delivers a sincere apology for anything.

By the sounds of things this will be a wild “After the Final Rose” special. E! Online says that those with the show have grown a serious distaste for Juan Pablo and cannot wait for the season to be over. Even show host Chris Harrison, who typically tries to make everything sound good, has had few positives to share about Galavis of late.

Tune in to the finale of ABC's “The Bachelor 2014” with Juan Pablo Galavis on Monday, March 10 to see what you think of how the final couple is doing at this point. Will they still be together? Will it be convincing? Just what will Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley have to say after all is said and done?

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