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Juan Pablo spoilers: 'The Bachelor 2014' still with final pick per Reality Steve

Is Juan Pablo Galavis still with his 'The Bachelor 2014' pick?
Is Juan Pablo Galavis still with his 'The Bachelor 2014' pick?
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Viewers will be tuning in to ABC's “The Bachelor 2014” with Juan Pablo Galavis on Monday night to see just who he picks this season. Of course what fans can't wait to watch is the live “After the Final Rose” special where Juan Pablo and his final lady will update fans on how they're doing. Are Juan Pablo and his final pick still together? On March 6 Reality Steve's spoilers dished on the scoop he's got on that front.

According to Reality Steve's Juan Pablo spoilers, Galavis and his final choice, Nikki Ferrell, are still a couple at this point. Steve says, “I know they are still together and they will be together when you see them on the ATFR.” All season Steve's “The Bachelor” spoilers have indicated that Juan Pablo picks Nikki, but he doesn't propose. Steve has since teased that production is trying to entice Galavis to propose on the “ATFR,” and Steve says that offer is still on the table. He has added that it's in the contract for the ladies that if there is a proposal, they have to accept.

Will it be happily-ever-after for Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell? Steve says there's no chance in the world these two will last. He predicts that they'll split by summer, though some fans would wonder if it will even take that long. Granted, Steve has had his doubts about couples surviving just about every season, but many “The Bachelor” spoiler fans would say the writing does seem to be on the wall with this one.

While viewers are anxious to tune in to the big finale of “The Bachelor 2014” airing Monday, March 10, the live “After the Final Rose” is probably going to be even more juicy. Does this season play out just as Reality Steve's spoilers laid out? Will Juan Pablo and Nikki seem happy and in love during the “ATFR”? Could they possibly last for a while together? Fans of the show can't wait to watch it all play out.