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Juan Pablo sends home Cassandra on her birthday: 'The Bachelor' recap

Cassandra was sent home prior to the Final Rose Ceremony, on her birthday, by Juan Pablo Galavis of "The Bachelor" so she could be with her son.
ABC/The Bachelor/Screenshot

Juan Pablo sent home Cassandra on her 22nd birthday during Monday night’s episode of "The Bachelor", in what is turning out to be one of the most boring seasons the reality TV show has seen since its inception.

What endeared Juan Pablo to the single women of the country has now bored viewers of “The Bachelor” to tears. Wide-eyed bachelorettes clamored to be a contestant to compete for Juan Pablo Galavis’ heart due in part to his dedication to his daughter. Yet his reluctance to passion and his earnest strife to be a gentleman has caused Season 18 of “The Bachelor” to put fans to sleep.

Rather than make her wait until the Final Rose Ceremony, Juan Pablo sent a tearful Cassandra home as she celebrated her 22nd birthday on the group date with five other women. "The Bachelor" gave Sharleen the coveted rose and then pulled the heartbroken birthday girl away to say goodbye so she could be with her son.

It is very hard to say goodbye to Cassandra. I just don’t feel the connection is right there. At this point, my connection with some of the other girls I think is stronger, so I think it is the right time right now. She is just such a sweet heart, but I feel it is right for her to be with her son now.

Eight women began the episode of “The Bachelor” in New Zealand. However, exotic locations, giant ball-rolling, geysers dampening dinner and the set of “The Hobbit” could just not breathe any life into what many hoped would be one of the hottest seasons yet.

There is no doubt Juan Pablo is a romantic family man looking for true love, but “The Bachelor” needs uno momento caliente to spice up the remaining episodes and the finale, which Galavis has already made clear who the final three would be: Sharleen, Clare and Renee, or not.

Oh, and by the way, a style insider from the fashion district of New York contacted the Reality TV Examiner to complain that Nikki is breaking all sorts of fashion rules with her choice of sheer black stockings.

OMG, does this girl in the red dress have black sheer stockings on? That’s disgusting fashion…No, No, No. Nikki, that is not the look. She needs to go home just because of her poor fashion sense.

Yawn, “The Bachelor” with Juan Pablo minus Cassandra and Kat will return next Monday to ABC, with or without Sharleen who might not share the same feelings he obviously has for her.

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