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Juan Pablo says Sharleen has been the most honest, realistic & mature of all

Juan Pablo has a great deal of respect for Sharleen.
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As Juan Pablo's quest for love continues, so does the cat fights, the tears, and the drama. It's no secret that on any given season of 'The Bachelor,' most of the contestants aren't exactly known for exuding maturity. Like many previous bachelors, Juan Pablo seems to have an attraction towards some of the most dramatic women in the house. However, now that the former soccer player and single dad is watching the show for himself, he has pointed out who stands out for her maturity, honesty, and realism. On Tues. Feb 18, Juan Pablo bragged on Sharleen Joynt in his People blog post.

From the get-go, Juan Pablo was taken up with the articulate opera singer. She stood out to him above all the rest as being different. We also learned early on that Sharleen was a devoted career girl, and that she had reservations about her relationship with Juan. She reluctantly accepted the first impression rose on episode 1. From then on, Sharleen continued to captivate Juan, while she continued to struggle with her thoughts and feelings towards him. Over the course of the season, Sharleen certainly did develop an attraction towards Juan, but the gut feeling that he wasn't the one just wouldn't leave her. On Monday night, she packed her bags deciding the hometown date should go to someone else.

What does Juan think of Sharleen's departure, and what was going through his head when she arrived at his door?

"Late that night, someone knocked on my door and it was Sharleen. When I saw her at the door my first thought was "she is gone" and I was right. It was very hard for her to talk to me and she felt terrible telling me that she didn't think I was the man of her life," he blogged.

Clearly the bachelor does and will always hold her in high regard, despite the criticism many viewers have been throwing at her.

"She has all my respect. She has been the most honest, realistic and mature of all the women. She was struggling and she let me know every time we talked about how hard it was for her. I loved listening to the words she used and we had a great time talking about anything and everything. Unfortunately you were only able to see a little bit of Sharleen and I understand the way people might judge her. But remember – you judge by what you see on TV and not everything makes it to the screen," he wrote.

"I was very sad but I was prepared because of her struggles over the weeks. She was going to have a hometown date and things maybe would of changed after that. In this situation, a single word can change my way of seeing or thinking about someone and that's the reason I took everybody and everything they say so seriously. I'm glad she put her life on hold to come see if we could have a future together, because I met a great woman. Like I said – I'd rather not be appreciated and be honest, than be appreciated and not being honest," he continued.

So there you have it, folks. Sharleen felt she should free up her spot since she was unsure about her future with Juan. Joynt is a reminder that not every contestant falls right at the feet of every bachelor. Perhaps her deep thinking and her logical reasoning isn't the most common attributes for the typical bachelor contestant. However, Sharleen's uniqueness is what made her stand out in a sea of women.

Next week, the hometowns dates begin. Andi, Claire, Nikki, and Renee remain. Previews show more tears and continued outbursts. It looks as though Andi cannot wait to leave the fantasy suite? Uh she the next one who will be leaving on her own?

Were you sad to see Sharleen go? Who do you think will be the final lady standing?

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