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Juan Pablo offers wedding song? ‘The Bachelor’ shares music with Clare Crawley

Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo/Twitter

The Bachelor might not pick Nikki Ferrell as the woman to propose to after all. The decision Juan Pablo Galavis made will be revealed on Monday night on ABC and viewers who are also hopeless romantics will be watching. Of course if Juan Pablo doesn't pick Nikki, then that means he picks Clare Crawley, right? According to Entertainment Weekly on Saturday, while the decision of which woman he decides on is still being sorted out, Juan definitely has decided on a wedding song if the two decide to get married.

Reported by Latin Times on Monday, the song the two enjoy is from Josh Krajcik. Called No Better Lovers their song was first heard during a dance and then Juan Pablo played it again for Clare as he shared his feelings with her. Pulling out his phone, the moment seemed romantic, but as people know this is a reality show and sometimes things are done for ratings.

Thinking you haven’t seen the second time the song was played? Well, that’s true as the deleted scene was left out of the show and only revealed online with a Monday sneak peek. While some might think that Clare Crawley is the perfect choice for Juan Pablo, the decision of the season is left for The Bachelor to decide and as people have read, the rumors on what he does are running wild.