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Juan Pablo hosts nightclub event in NJ, demands no mention of 'The Bachelor'

Juan Pablo to appear at "The Pool After Dark" on March 29
Juan Pablo to appear at "The Pool After Dark" on March 29
Harrah's via TMZ

Juan Pablo Galavis does not want his name associated with "The Bachelor" reality show according to TMZ, another in a series of moves to slam the show that may have been edited to make him look like a total tool.

Galavis reportedly told promoters at the Atlantic City nightclub, "The Pool After Dark" at Harrah's casino not to mention the fact that he starred on the most recent season of ABC's hit reality show in any press releases or fliers. He is set to make a paid appearance there on March 29, 2014.

In addition to leaving any reference of "The Bachelor" off all promotional materials, TMZ also reports that Juan Pablo told promoters at the casino that he would agree to a "15-person meet-and-greet on the condition no one asked about his reality show stint."

Reporters who want to talk to Juan Pablo will not be able to ask him any "Bachelor" related questions either.

Apparently Juan Pablo feels he can bring in the crowds of people on his own, without giving any credit to the very show that made him the most disliked "Bachelor" ever.

Why is Juan Pablo so hated by "Bachelor" fans? Many fans tweeted after the season finale that they were upset that Juan Pablo said he liked Nikki Ferrell "a lot" instead of saying he was in love. Realistically, he did the right thing, considering he only dated Ferrell a few times while cameras rolled.

Others were outraged that he may have misled Clare during their final date, making her think he saw a future with her. Not mention the supposed sexual reference that he supposedly made to her off-camera in a helicopter.

Of course, much of the "Bachelor" was edited, so viewers really don't know the whole story. Perhaps producers didn't like that Juan Pablo was brutally honest and, in turn, gave him one of the worst edits in the history of the show.

Pressed to say "I love you" to Nikki on the "After the Final Rose" special, Juan Pablo bucked tradition and made host Chris Harrison squirm in his seat on live TV. Many fans were disappointed that he wasn't vocal about how he felt about Nikki, but being forced to profess his love for her seemed a bit over-the-top.

Since the show ended, Juan Pablo and his girlfriend, Nikki Ferrel, have been spotted out together both in Miami and at a wedding in the Dominican Republic.

TMZ states that Juan Pablo will be paid $20,000 to appear at "The Pool After Dark" and that Nikki will be by his side.

That's not a bad pay day for someone who is hated by many for appearing on a reality show that is known for editing out reality.

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