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Juan Pablo Galavis 'The Bachelor 2014' spoilers: An 'ATFR' proposal ahead?

Is Juan Pablo Galavis going to propose on 'The Bachelor 2014'?
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

It is time for the big finale of ABC's “The Bachelor 2014,” and fans are anxious to see just what goes down. There have been plenty of “The Bachelor” spoilers out regarding what Juan Pablo Galavis does at the final rose ceremony, but show creator Mike Fleiss just threw in something new about the "After the Final Rose" special. His March 10 tweet has got people talking, but some think he's full of hot air. What's the scoop?

Fleiss tweeted, “Hearing rumors that @JuanPaGalavis has a big surprise in store for tonite's live finale! Good thing @chrisbharrison is an ordained minister!” Clearly he is trying to pull fans in to believing that Juan Pablo Galavis will propose to his final choice and perhaps even be ready to wed her live on the “After the Final Rose” show. A live wedding like that has been a dream of Fleiss' for years, and he almost got his wish at the end of Brad Womack and Emily Maynard's season.

Before fans get too excited over this supposed “The Bachelor” spoiler, they should pause for a deep breath. It seems highly unlikely things will go that far on Monday's finale of ABC's “The Bachelor 2014.” If Juan Pablo does pull out all the stops and propose during the “ATFR,” many fans are ready to call foul.

Not long ago, Reality Steve's spoilers shared that production was trying to entice Juan Pablo with some big bucks if he would drop down on bended knee during the “ATFR” to propose. Given Galavis' seemingly disinterested and sometimes hostile attitude toward the show and even the fans lately, it would certainly be out of left field if he came on the special and seemed ready to deliver a heartfelt proposal. Fans were already tweeting back to Mike Fleiss that they smell sellout with this tease. Most are betting that this is typical Mike Fleiss promising big things that he can't actually deliver in terms of shockers and excitement.

Just what will go down during ABC's “The Bachelor 2014” finale? Reality Steve's “The Bachelor” spoilers have said for months that Juan Pablo will choose Nikki Ferrell, but he won't propose. Steve has also said they're still together, for now, but he doesn't expect them to be on terribly solid ground. It's a three-hour extravaganza Monday, March 10 as fans tune in to see just how this season ends for Juan Pablo Galavis.

Update: Well, there was no big proposal or wedding, but many think production wasn't let in on what seemed to be a change in plans by Juan Pablo. What happened?

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