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Juan Pablo Galavis slams ‘The Bachelor’ finale: 'Soap opera comes to an end'

Juan Pablo Galavis slams ‘The Bachelor’
Juan Pablo Galavis slams ‘The Bachelor’
Juan Pablo/Twitter

The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis sounds pretty happy that his final decision is going to be seen by America tonight on ABC and he can go home. If the latest postings online has any reflection on the friction going on behind the scenes, there is plenty of relief from the show that the star is departing too. According to The New York Daily News on Monday the producers are really finished with the star and his antics. After checking out Juan Pablo’s Twitter feed, it is safe to say he is tired of the show too.

Apparently there is some conflict surrounding the contract and that might be the biggest issue. The star is suggesting he can’t tell everyone the truth about the relationships because the he is bound to this document. His tone suggests that the show is offering an alternate to the truth. Some viewers might call that deceit, but everyone will agree the idea is ruining the show as romance is built on trust.

“How LONG should I write my @peoplemag BLOG for Final Rose EPISODE?” tweeted Juan Pablo Galavis on Sunday. After getting many negative responses from fans, it appears he became frustrated about what he could share. “I have a CONTRACT, I CAN'T RT @ewagma: @JuanPaGalavis @peoplemag just tell the truth! The whole truth! #Bachelor.”

While the conclusion of the show couldn't be happier for both parties, there was another negative slam from Juan Pablo on Monday morning. He definitely bites the hand that feeds him by calling the show a “soap opera.” It's not very charming and reflects just how volatile the situation might be for everyone involved.

“The day has COME... Finally TODAY the soap opera comes to an END,” tweeted Juan Pablo from his official Twitter account. Some fans might suggest that his statement is simple, others will note that the comparison of a soap opera to a reality show might imply the star feels more like an elite star than a reality show contestant.

Everyone who has watched The Bachelor has learned a very valuable lesson this season. While the idea is to find love, some contestants have other motives like fame and fortune. In the end, people see the contestants for who they really are and it doesn't matter how much pretending is involved as the real person is always revealed.

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