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Juan Pablo Galavis refrains from excessive kissing: 'The Bachelor' recap

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Juan Pablo Galavis refrained from excessive kissing on Monday night’s episode of "The Bachelor", which made Lauren S. cry when he refused to smooch on the second group date. Why did the sexy new “Bachelor” restrict his pucker? Juan Pablo simply doesn’t want his daughter Camila to see him in a lip lock with 20 women, and intends to set an example for his four-year-old baby girl.

Juan Pablo quickly broke his rule as he found Clare irresistible. However, the hairstylist had been the brunt of jokes throughout the episode. A few of the women on “The Bachelor” called Clare territorial and teased that she wouldn’t eat octopus. Kelly gave a bitchy retort when she stated Clare had put larger things in her mouth.

Her piece was literally this big, (put two fingers together to form an inch) and I know you’ve (Clare) swallowed bigger things than that.

Thirteen bachelorettes flew to Seoul, South Korea, but it had been obvious Juan Pablo is clearly taken with Sharleen. “The Bachelor” said she is his favorite and after the opera singer showed her chops, she admitted there is more there than just a physical attraction.

I think there is a shot I could fall in love with Juan Pablo.

Emotions intensified on week four of “The Bachelor”, yet relationship hopefuls have to be eliminated. The dating pool was cut to 11 after Juan Pablo sent home Lauren S., from above, and Elise. Perhaps Lauren shouldn't have melted after she hadn't received a kiss. And a tearful Elise departed and called the remaining girls "ugly" on the inside.

"The Bachelor" with Juan Pablo Galavis, and all of the drama queens, is scheduled to return next Monday on ABC.

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