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Juan Pablo Galavis posts his final thoughts on ‘Bachelor’ journey

'The Bachelor" star Juan Pablo Galavis
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

It was a long time coming, but nearly one week after the live “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose” show, Juan Pablo Galavis has posted his final thoughts on the show on his blog for People magazine.

On March 15, the Venezuelan-born soccer player thanked fans, producers, and his stylists for helping him through his journey. But there was no thank you to host Chris Harrison, whom he butted heads with during the live after-show.

After revealing that fans originally liked him due to his honesty, Galavis acknowledged that some people don’t like him and wish him the worst: “I believe I have a different style than others who have been on this show,” he wrote. “The end result is not what anyone expected or wanted, because the show has the proposal as the perfect ending. As you saw on Monday night, what is real and the respect for a father is more important to me than making a perfect TV show. “

Galavis acknowledged that the way he was treated by producers before filming was “spectacular,” and that show executives encouraged him to be himself. But he also added that he may have been “too honest” for the reality show. The 32-year old single dad also expressed regret over seeing his family and friends suffer over how he was portrayed on the show.

The long-winded post finally gave a shout-out to girlfriend Nikki Ferrell: “At the end of the day, all I want to be is happy and I found what I signed up for: I found mi catira,” he wrote. “She's the woman from ‘After the Final Rose’ that you saw as my girlfriend. Nikki has been that way to me for a few months already.”

While Juan Pablo didn’t mention his after-show “boxing match” with host Chris Harrison, last week on his blog for Entertainment Weekly, Harrison wrote, “This has easily been the most polarizing season we’ve ever had. I’m not sure when or where along the way Juan Pablo decided to fight this whole process, but he certainly did.”

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