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Juan Pablo Galavis of 'The Bachelor' 2014 talks on 'GMA'

Juan Pablo Galavis
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

This morning Juan Pablo Galavis made an appearance on "Good Morning America." On this Jan. 6 episode, the star of "The Bachelor" 2014 had a few things to say about his experience on the show.

He wants to find a woman who will also love his daughter, which is the most important thing to him. On a preview for tonight's show, he will call out a woman's name and the one woman comes forward. She doesn't understand what he says and that has to be a bit embarrassing.

Juan Pablo says he hates hurting people and had to think about that when deciding to do the show. He knew going into it he would be spending a lot of time away from his daughter. He had a blast on the show and you also get to meet some beautiful women.

Chris Harrison shared that they have never had a guy with so little screen time that had such a huge fan base. He said it was not a hard decision of who should be the guy this season.

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