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Juan Pablo Galavis embarrassed? ‘The Bachelorette’ ad really upset star

Juan Pablo Galavis
Photo by Ethan Miller

Juan Pablo Galavis is looking for sympathy from the ladies across America. As the last contestant on “The Bachelor,” the reality star felt he had control of the season and was able to get his name out so people could know more about her quest for love. Then things went horribly wrong with Andi Dorfman and he angered the fans. According to WetPaint on Monday, the former contestant is really hurt by the use of his first name on “The Bachelorette” poster.

The advertisement is a play on words. With a picture of Andi Dorfman’s face up close it reads “"She's looking for the right One," with Galavis' name “Juan” crossed out first. It’s definitely a jab at “The Bachelor” and fans found it hilarious as it really reflected how the season looked from the audience’s point of view. Apparently Juan Pablo is neither amused nor delighted to have his name out there in that format. In fact the reality star might even be embarrassed on how the poster portrays him in Andi Dorfman’s life.

While the fans probably won’t have too much sympathy for his situation, they definitely are excited about “The Bachelorette” and the season to come. Andi Dorfman is looking to find true love and her quest is taking her around the world as she gets to know her suitors. According to the Latin Post on Sunday, the guys and the production crew love Andi Dorfman as she makes their job so much easier.

It is highly unlikely that Juan Pablo will get any positive response in regards to “The Bachelorette” ad that is upsetting him. Too many viewers were put off by his actions and remarks. Opinions haven’t changed since he refused to speak about his relationship status on the live show. Some fans even find the idea that he finds the ad upsetting a pleasing thought.

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