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Juan Pablo Galavis comes to Nikki Ferrell's defense after Twitter war

Nikki Ferrell sure isn't shy about letting everyone know exactly what she thinks. On Monday, August 11, the woman who won Juan Pablo Galavis' heart on the latest "The Bachelor" got a lot of heat on Twitter when she gave Elise Mosca of "Bachelor in Paradise" a big insult. Juan Pablo quickly came to Nikki's defense but that seemed to just make things worse.

Television personality and former soccer player Juan Pablo Galavis and television personality Nikki Ferrell attend the 13th annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational gala at the ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter on April 4, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo by Isaac Brekken

On episode two of the spin-off "Bachelor in Paradise," Elise, who connected with Dylan Petitt in the premiere episode, made out with newcomer Chris Bukowski after Dylan encouraged her to hang out with other guys. Physical contact wasn't what Dylan had in mind however and so when he found out what happened between Elise and Chris, he warned her to not give him a rose at the rose ceremony.

Despite what Dylan told her and everyone else on the show, Elise still believed that Dylan loved her and offered him her rose anyway, only to have it rejected. She then gave a rambling speech about Dylan and offered her rose to Chris. Unfortunately for Dylan, none of the other women offered him a rose and so he was sent packing.

Nikki thought that Elise's behavior was completely stupid. Nikki tweeted that she doesn't need to watch the show to know that Elise "is dumber than a box of rocks." "At least everyone agrees with me now," Nikki added, a clear indication that she didn't think very highly of Elise when they were both competing for Juan Pablo.

Nikki's tweet immediately received a lot of criticism. Many wrote that Nikki is not one to talk about intelligence since she's the one who is with Juan Pablo. Nikki did not appreciate people saying that she's just as dumb as Elise. She angrily reminded everyone that she has a nursing degree.

People continued to bash Nikki for her tweet. When one person wrote that Nikki's true colors are showing and that she's a real match for Juan Pablo Galavis, Juan Pablo told the person that he doesn't know a thing and sarcastically added that he should just keep watching "Bachelor in Paradise" for the education.

Just prior to the premiere episode, Nikki Ferrell said that she would "rather stab pencils in [her] eyeballs" than watch "Bachelor in Paradise," which she called a train wreck of a show. So how did she know what Elise did on the latest episode? Perhaps she just couldn't resist watching the show or at least reading the recaps?

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