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Juan Pablo Galavis called the worst 'Bachelor' of all time

Is Juan Pablo the worst bachelor ever?
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Do you think Juan Pablo Galavis is the worst "Bachelor" in the history of the show? On March 11, E! News pegged Juan Pablo as the worst one ever.

What happens when the contestants on "The Bachelor" don't even want the bachelor? That's what seems to have happened this season on the hit reality show. Juan Pablo Galavis lost the hearts of America. He was crude, hypocritical and arrogant. The worst part is that every time he shocked and offended both the women on the show and the fans watching, he tried to explain it all away as a cultural difference or a misinterpretation.

At the end of the finale, Juan Pablo picked a winner. Nikki Ferrell was given the last rose but that's about all she got. Juan Pablo bought a ring but he didn't propose to Nikki. At the "After the Final Rose" special, it was revealed that Juan Pablo has never said "I love you" to Nikki. The probably of this relationship moving forward is pretty slim.

Juan Pablo ranks as the worst bachelor in the history of "The Bachelor" because he not only didn't find love, but fans of the show stopped caring if he found love or not. There were more shocking moments in previous seasons but fans were still engaged in the story line.

What do you think of Juan Pablo and Nikki as a couple? Do you think they will last or have they already fizzled out?

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