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Juan Pablo Galavis best man yet? 4 Ways ‘The Bachelor’ tops the man in your life

Juan Pablo Galavis makes the women swoon and the ratings skyrocket. According to the Arizona Central on Thursday, the man who currently is on The Bachelor is taking America by storm. However, he wasn’t the show’s first choice. Taking the chauffeur driven ride home early on, the show was looking at the gents who were near the final episodes to see who would be next. Surprisingly, the fans wanted the man who was given less airtime than most, but had everyone watching. Yes, it was Juan Pablo, according to the Edmonton Journal.

So what makes this man so great? Well, many viewers think he might top the guy in the bedroom. Yeah, it’s a fantasy, but the show data supports that Juan’s episode ratings were high and his coy smile and knees knocking around the country. Some other perfect ways of Juan Pablo Galavis that’s far more comparable than who viewers are currently in a relationship? Well there are a few.

Juan Pablo Galavis can definitely dance. What he displayed on the first episode gives fans a taste of what he might be doing when the cameras are off. Blame the professional soccer stint or blame his perfect reflexes, but whatever you blame it’s all too steamy if viewers think about dancing in the bedroom.

The humor of Juan Pablo Galavis is addictive. Whether he is offering up a lip-syncing moment of One Direction or making duck faces with Cameron Diaz, he laughs at himself first and others last. The charm of being a gentleman never can wear off.

Juan Pablo Galavis’ handsome boyish looks makes it tough to look away. Yeah, perhaps that is because of camera lighting (which your man doesn’t have as he isn’t in a studio) but that’s alright. The best side of Juan is every time he looks into a camera, without exception.

If you’re looking for a final reason that Juan Pablo Galavis is better than the man next to you, let’s just all reflect on how we have never seen Juan do ridiculous guy things. Well, at least so far. There has been no issues with him being on time to appointments (so he obviously asks directions,) no noises that are far too rude (belching and farting included) and he can smile at any situation including some ridiculous women who are fighting over him in a house that is way too small for them all to live in.

Juan Pablo Galavis is the perfect Bachelor because he tops any man, married or not, that is real. Perhaps, Juan does belch, but with all his attributes, the ladies will surely agree that it would be just fine.

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