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Juan Pablo Galavis attacked on Twitter over Chris Soules: ‘The Bachelor’ news

Juan Pablo Galavis
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Juan Pablo Galavis was probably regretting his decision to turn to Twitter and post an update about Chris Soules. Wetpaint reports on Friday that “The Bachelor” star wanted to congratulate Soules, but his comment has been attacked by fans of the show. They recommended that Soules avoid taking any advice from Galavis.

Galavis wrote a tweet that has ignited a small storm on the social media network. He suggested that Soules have fun and follow his heart while on the reality program. Galavis does not seem to have moved past his time on “The Bachelor,” and he continues to stay involved by keeping up to date on any changes. He recently shared a photo from March that revealed his dinner and the guests after a ceremony on the show.

Although there were a few positive responses, most fans had a negative reaction to Galavis’ post. They did not think he was in a position to give his opinion. The former bachelor did not respond to them and avoided mentioning Soules again in his more recent tweets.

Galavis is allegedly still dating Nikki Ferrell, but fans of the show have not forgotten their anger. There have been multiple rumors about their relationship with some people suggesting it is a fraud. In addition, they are living in different states, so they do not seem to see each other often. However, Galavis has tried to make up for this by visiting Missouri.

Galavis and Ferrell may appear on “Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn” in the future. They are rumored to be asking for help as they attempt to deal with their long-distance relationship and would join other reality stars from the “Jersey Shore.” Nevertheless, this is not enough to convince some fans that the couple’s love is real and not fabricated for reality television.

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