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Juan Pablo beds three: Cassandra Ferguson says 'Bachelor' star slept with three

Juan Pablo beds three women on "The Bachelor" 2014 and former contestant, Cassandra Ferguson, is telling everyone about it. According to Cassandra, a lot went on behind-the-scenes while the show was filming that was downright revolting!

RadarOnline reported March 11 that besides the allegations Juan Pablo bed three women, he forgot Cassandra's son's name.

Cassandra said:

“He mentioned to me, ‘Well, your son, Tr- … Trevor?’ As if it was even a question! I was like, ‘You know what Juan Pablo, that was all we talked about was our kids!’ A lot of our conversations were about [his daughter] Camila and Trey, and I was like, ‘You know, if you can’t even remember my son’s name, what were you doing on our date? What was going through your head?”

She said she was "fuming" and looking at the other women in disbelief. "The Bachelor" contestant said of all the things that Juan Pablo should have at least recalled, it was her son's name -- Trey.

"It was absolutely ridiculous," she said.

Ferguson mentioned the other single mother who was also a contestant on the show -- Renee Oteri. She was sent home soon after she introduced her son to Juan Pablo. Cassandra stood up for Renee during the "Women Tell All" taping, but it was edited out.

Cassandra brought up Clare Crawley and what was said to her when Juan Pablo whispered in her ear on the helicopter ride. Cassandra said pretty much the same thing as the Us Weekly report published. Read more about that HERE.

Juan Pablo beds three women? Did he really do that? Cassandra thinks so.

“I am pretty sure that he banged three people” while the show was taping, Cassandra said.

Now that the show" is over, Juan Pablo Galavis is pegged as the most-hated "Bachelor" ever...and Brad Womack thought he was the most hated "Bachelor" in his first season when he rejected Deanna Papas!

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