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Juan Pablo at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas: Spoiler for ‘The Bachelor Finale'?

Juan Pablo stops at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas
Juan Pablo stops at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas
Juan Pablo/Instagram

The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis is looking at making a decision on Monday night when he needs to choose between Nikki or Clare on the final episode. If you believe the spoilers online, there are plenty of people suggesting he takes none of the ladies. However, that’s not going to stop him from hitting up a wedding chapel. According Bustle on Sunday, it was The Bachelor who stopped by a Las Vegas wedding chapel to drop a hint of what might be coming on the show. Standing at the front door, the reality star pointed out the chapel to fans of his show in a shot posted on social media on Saturday.

What was Juan Pablo doing in Las Vegas instead of prepping for the big ending of the reality show? Well, the Jorge Linares versus Nihito Arakawa boxing fight was live and Juan got a seat right in front of the action. Looking to catch a few fighters in the ring, it appeared that the star was not even thinking about the upcoming ending of the show.

The Bachelor viewers are definitely thinking about the final scenes of the reality show. Wanting to get the scoop and be offered all the details, people have their DVRs set to Monday night’s show and are ready for the action. There have been plenty of rumors about the ending of The Bachelor and fans would really like to see what happens without the extra spoilers. And everyone is wondering if Juan actually went into the wedding chapel or just walked by.