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Juan Pablo asks people in Hollywood about ‘The Bachelor’ on 'Kimmel' (video)

Juan Pablo got a taste of Hollywood's harsh tone on Monday. The star interviewed random individuals on Hollywood Boulevard asking questions about The Bachelor during Jimmy Kimmel Live. In a special segment of I Witness News, Juan Pablo asked fans about the man who is currently looking for love. What was interesting was the different opinions the people had about the show, but one thing for sure was the star isn't well known outside the TV series.

“We sent, Juan Pablo, himself out onto Hollywood Blvd. today to ask pedestrians what they think of the new Bachelor without of course revealing that he was the new Bachelor,” said Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He was setting up the segment and people really thought the idea was perfect. While it sounded almost impossible that people who look at Juan Pablo and not recognize him, it happened.

Some of the critiques of the show were definitely harsh. From the idea of getting all the ladies in one house to the way Juan Pablo’s eye brows looked, it was obvious that some folks just didn't like the show and would do anything to knock it down.

Take a look at Juan Pablo on the streets of Hollywood. He definitely can’t convince everyone to love him, but these folks are extra harsh. Of course when they figure out who they are talking with, Juan seems to change their minds almost immediately.

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