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Juan Pablo and the ladies of Downton Abbey?? Ask Brilliance Jewelry!

The Bachelor meets the ladies of  Downton Abbey.
The Bachelor meets the ladies of Downton Abbey.

With this last season of 'The Bachelor' coming to end tonight, March 10, many fans are actually happy to see it end. Not because they're waiting anxiously to see who bachelor Juan Pablo picks but more out of glee that the season is finally over. Unfortunately it seems that Juan Pablo was not a very well like bachelor amongst the show's fans and they just can't wait for the season to be over so they can forget who Juan Pablo ever was. It doesn't seem that Juan Pablo has made very much impression on the ladies on the show either since there apparently is a lot of social media backlash to several things that occurred on the show. Maybe Juan Pablo would have better luck with women whose standards are held higher sort of like the ladies of 'Downton Abbey'.

Brilliance Jewelry

What? That's right! Brilliance Jewelry has come up with a super amazing parody of this season's 'The Bachelor' and paired up Juan Pablo with the amazing ladies of 'Downton Abbey'. Do you think he would be fall for the lovely Sybil Crawley or the housemaid Gwen Dawson? Or does he go for a (gasp!) married woman like Anna Smith? Would any of these women be better a match for him than the current ladies left on 'The Bachelor'?

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