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Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrrell still together? ABC offers money for proposal

Are Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell still together? "The Bachelor" 2014 ends in two weeks and that is the big question fans are curious about...especially since Juan Pablo has been photographed another woman by the name of Mayra Veronica. Whether they are or not together does not matter since Reality Steve posted some new information Feb. 26 surrounding Juan Pablo and Nikki.

"According to my sources, there is a monetary offer on the table for Juan Pablo to propose to Nikki on the 'After the Final Rose' show," Reality Steve wrote.

Would Juan Pablo agree to propose to Nikki Ferrell if he was offered enough money? It is hard to know, but if he is truly not in love with her -- as Reality Steve claims -- then he might not go for it. It has been rumored that Juan Pablo did not go on as "The Bachelor" to find true love, but to gain more fame and publicity. If there was ever an indication of that, his disastrous conversation with Andi Dorfman Tuesday night would be it. He just was not there emotionally. No matter what Andi said, it did not get through Juan Pablo's head and her feelings meant nothing to him.

Here is what Reality Steve wrote about ABC offering Juan Pablo money to propose to Nikki:

"Depending on how desperately Juan Pablo needs money I guess, and how much he’s willing sell out for the almighty dollar will determine if he proposes. But that offer is there, and I guess we’ll see if he takes it come March 10th. Regardless of if he proposes on the live show or not, the point is, it’s fake."

An amount was not revealed. Producers definitely want the lead to propose at the end of the show, which Juan Pablo does not do in the finale. He basically lets Nikki know that he is interested in seeing where their relationship takes them after the finale.

Will Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell be together at the "AFTR" show? If an engagement airs during the show, it likely pushed by producers of ABC and "The Bachelor."

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