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Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell joke about their 'private' relationship

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell
Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell
ABC/Rick Rowell

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell have decided to have a private relationship following their time on "The Bachelor." On March 13, Juan Pablo took to Twitter to write something to the world (those who are still listening anyway), once again sort of mocking the "process" and trying to make himself look better... except it didn't work. If JP and Nikki really want to keep their relationship "private," they shouldn't tweet about it at all.

"LOVE how @Nikki_Ferrell and I made UP tweets that we WANT to say and we LAUGH at them cause we DON'T write them because we are PRIVATE. jaja (sic)," tweeted Juan Pablo.

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell have caused a great deal of controversy following their interview with Chris Harrison on "After the Final Rose." While it's easy for many people to understand that these two don't want media attention and they want to get to know each other more without cameras in their faces, people can't really understand why Juan Pablo had to be so pompous about it.

This season of "The Bachelor" wasn't typical by any means and some have called Juan Pablo the "worst 'Bachelor' in history." While he didn't fit the mold, it would have been much easier for the public to swallow if he was a nice guy. Somehow it all got lost in translation and now people actually loathe him (and by association, Nikki too).

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell have every right to keep their relationship private. Even though they chose to go on a television show, this is real life not a fairytale. If the public does its job to leave them alone, maybe JP should do himself a favor and not post tweets like the one above. Deal?

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