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Juan Pablo and Nikki: Fan photo used as head game?

Nikki Ferrell shows of a picture of her with a fan who says he "loves" her.
Nikki Ferrell shows of a picture of her with a fan who says he "loves" her.
Nikki Ferrell/Twitter

Juan Pablo and Nikki are still together and the true status of where their relationship is headed is still a mystery. "The Bachelor" couple is hanging in there despite the non-committal attitude Juan Pablo has towards the woman he chose on the show.

Could Nikki be getting impatient?

CafeMom published a report March 31 that observed Nikki's latest Twitter posts. She posted two images of her pictured with a fan who jokingly said he fell in love Juan Pablo's girl.

"He told me he fell in love w your girl. Watch out! Hehehe @joeymazzz: Fell in love wit Juan Pablo girl last night"

Is Nikki trying to hint at something to her boyfriend by posting the photo? It could be nothing and she's simply expressing her fan appreciation. It's still strange because most women who have been on "The Bachelor" have had the same kind of attention, but don't share photos of it online. Maybe it's time Juan Pablo wake up and put a ring on it if he wants to keep his girl around.

Juan Pablo and Nikki have been together longer than a lot of people thought they would be.

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