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Juan Pablo and Nikki engaged: Fans wonder if the rumors are true

Juan Pablo and Nikki
Juan Pablo and Nikki
Photo by Ethan Miller

Fans are curious what is going on with Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis. The fell in love on "The Bachelor" 2014, but took things slow and he did not propose at the end of the show. On Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter shared about how much these two appear to be in love.

It is very obvious that Nikki and JP are not showing off their love by doing interviews with magazines like other couples have done. Instead they are showing off pictures on their social networks and going out to events. They are not scared of getting photographed on the red carpet, but this couple isn't talking to the press. They are doing everything on their own terms and showing they are still in love and together.

The Stir did share not long ago that wedding planning was happening, but the two haven't shared that they are engaged. Nikki has a Pinterest board called her someday wedding and she is pinning away to it. That doesn't really mean that they are engaged though. It is probably just things that she likes and ideas that she wants to run by people later on. This could be interesting to follow and see if they ever use it.

Over last weekend, Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis teased fans with a picture of them in front of a wedding chapel in Las Vegas. It was very obvious that they were just teasing their fans though. There is not a wedding coming for these two yet, but you never know if they might decide to do it in the future. It really could end up happening but the couple from "The Bachelor" isn't getting married yet. It looks like they just might find a way to make it all work.

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