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Juan Manuel Lopez's boxing future in question

Lopez's career is in the hand of bueracrats
Lopez's career is in the hand of bueracrats
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The last time Puerto Rican boxer Juan Manuel Lopez was mentioned in this space, he expressed remorse for calling fellow countryman and referee Roberto Ramirez a gambling cheat.

Following a tough defeat at the hands of Orlando Salido last month, Lopez accused Ramirez of stopping the contest early due to a gambling habit.

Though Lopez was public with his apology, the Puerto Rican Boxing Commission will decide today if the former featherweight champion will be sanctioned with a suspension and monetary fine.

On Lopez's part, he has stated that if he is suspended from boxing for a year - retirement is an option.

While Lopez was wrong in accusing Ramirez on an International broadcast of being a gambler, one has to take the comments within the proper context.

After fighting a tough fight and putting his life on the line, like all boxers do when they step into a ring, Lopez might not have been in the best state of mind to make comments on anything, much less the result of a critical rematch with Salido.

If the Commission were to suspend and fine Lopez, they could influence fighters from speaking at all immediatley after a fight during a broadcast. Some of the most entertaining moments in boxing come in the form of post-fight batner between boxers and announcers, a fine could kill this unique dynamic.

Much more importantly, if Lopez were retire, he would not be chased out of the sport due to consecutive defeats against Salido and taking his fair share of punishment, but because he could not control his tongue.


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