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Juan Chuy Hinojosa sends a special open father's day letter to lesbian daughter

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Texas state senator Juan Chuy Hinojosa out of Corpus Christi published an Op-Ed yesterday in the You Valley Voice expressing his unconditional love regardless of her sexual orientation. Entitled, "A Father's Day letter to my daughter," Hinojosa talks about not just the rights of gays and lesbians but also the struggles of different cultures and races to be accepted into society in order to participate in basic rights.

In the first few paragraphs of the letter, Hinojosa begins with . . .

"Dear Kris,

From the moment you breathed life, when you first smiled up at me, I knew how strong the love of a father could be. An unconditional love for such an innocent child that only a father could know. As you began to grow, I hoped for a safe environment for you and wanted to protect you from the harsh realities of this unjust world.

But as you matured into a strong young woman, I began to realize there were cruelties I could not protect you from -- simply because of your sexual orientation. I could not protect you from the discrimination, ignorance or hate."

You can read the rest of the letter at "A Father's Day letter to my daughter"

Senator Hinojosa was named "Top Ten Best Legislators" for 2013 by Texas Monthly magazine, making it his third time to receive the prestigious honor. He was named "Top Ten Legislator for 2013" by Capitol Inside for the third time as well. In February 2013, Senator Hinojosa filed a bill bill that would allow same-sex couples to enter into civil unions and receive the same rights and benefits as married heterosexual couples.