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JTW's Play Reading Series for Monday March 24 in Park Heights

What: You’re invited to experience a casual evening of theatre reading from “The 49th Cousin” by Florence Lowe and Caroline Francke curated by Ron Zyna in a seated but energetic style at Jewish Theatre Workshop. The symposia of the reading involve, “Isaac Lowe is a cantankerous, opinionated man. He founded a synagogue in Syracuse at the turn of the century, and almost wrecked it. His possessiveness and prejudice kept his three daughters on the verge of spinsterhood until they revolted against him. Only the generosity of others could finally make him see the error of his ways. But a lightning bolt hitting the temple might also help...”

Baltimore Jewish Culture
Jewish Community Center

Be sure to check out the attached video that tries to explain, "So, what does it mean to be Jewish in America?"

Who: Open to general public whereas, admission is FREE and refreshments will be served!

When: Monday, March 24, 2014 event starts at 7 p.m.

Where: The Community Meeting Room ~ Weinberg Park Heights JCC, 5700 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore, MD 21215

FYI: For more information, click here.

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