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JT Talent's John Thomas talks upcoming film and TV projects (Part 1 of 3)

John Thomas is one of the busiest men in New York City. His company, JT Talent, has cast nearly 100 feature films and dozens of other projects in the television, music video, print, commercial, event, and theater industries since May 2000.

John Thomas
Photo by Brad Barket

J.T. provided the cast for PhilaFilm International Film Festival winner "Black Heart," Garden State Film Festival winner "Mourning on Charlotte Street," New York International Independent Film & Video Festival winner "Blood Line," and many other critically-acclaimed presentations.

In addition to his casting work, he is an experienced talent manager, prolific event coordinator, a producer, actor, and publicist. Part two of my interview with J.T. will examine those sides of his entertainment career. The final article will explore J.T.'s beginnings, and the relationship that became paramount in his life and in the creation of JT Talent.

In part one of the exclusive interview, J.T. talks about the dozen or so film and television projects that he is currently working on. Some of the projects are still looking for actors, so thespians, take heed!


BROWNIE MARIE: What projects are you working on right now?


  • I’m doing “Celebrapy,” which is a take-off on [VH1’s] “Celebrity Rehab.” It’s directed by Ken Kushner and G. Paul Salvetti is the one producing it. We’ve got some really good people that are attached to it, and it’s a TV pilot.
  • I’m doing a comedy called “The Road Most Taken directed by Chris Picone, and the assistant director is Joe Gawalis. Tim Reeves is our associate producer. I got Al Sipienza in there, and we’ve got Steve Dash [who played] Jason in “Friday the 13th Part 2.” We’re on our call-backs, and we’re waiting to see what’s going on with that.
  • Other current projects that I have... “Scriptless” with Alan Bendich. It’s got a really good cast-- [Max Bendich, Noah Forrest, Danielle Harper, and others]. It’s basically going to be a six episode pilot. Right now we’re on our third episode.
  • Andy Troy and myself, we did a horror movie called “Scars of a Predator.This is a movie I had Andy Troy write for me. I’m producing it, I’m casting it, Andy’s directing it. And we’ve got some really good people attached to that one as well: J.R. Rodriguez, that’s our DP, and Enrique Williams, that’s our sound guy. We’ve got Vinny Vella in it too. It’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger. We have over 100-something people already cast in the film. (Author's note: Andy Troy was also producer and executive producer on the film).
  • I’m doing “The Networker.It’s produced by Steve Stanulis, directed by John Gallagher. We’re going to be shooting that soon. [The film stars William Forsythe, Stephen Baldwin, Sean Young, and more].
  • And then there’s my baby, or should I say, Joe Gawalis’ baby, “Memoirs from the Streets of New York.I’m really excited to work on this one as well. I’m the full casting director for it. Joe Gawalis is the director, and Tim Reeves is the associate producer. That one’s going to be an awesome film... we’ve got close to an all-star cast. We’re going to be doing our second call-backs for it-- looking for leads and supporting.
  • There’s “The Genesis Project”... it’s kind of a “Night of the Living Dead”-type thing. Anthony Gutierrez is directing it. [Some of the actors cast are Hector De La Rosa, Emilio Vitolo, Andy Troy, and Tina Krause]. We’re doing our second filming in May.
  • I dropped wrapped “Tapestry.That’s directed by Ken Kushner. “Tapestry” has a lot of names attached... [Stephen Baldwin, Joe D’Onofrio, Kika Magalhaes, Faron Salisbury, and many more]. I’m the casting director for that one as well.
  • I’m going to be doing a drama called “Johnny Postal” soon... directed by Frank Calo.
  • “Eyes of the Kings,directed by Frank Calo.
  • There’s “Blame It on the Hustle”... they’re going through a few people right now to be the director. The executive producer is Phil Gates. [Per IMDb, Ving Rhames, DMX, Waka Flocka Flame, and Jim Jones are attached to the film].
  • There’s an untitled documentary that I’m working on with Chris Picone... he’s directing it. [Picone] is the post-editor for HBO. It’s a documentary about the Mets and the Yankees. I’m in search of two Mets and two Yankees right now.

Those are the ones that I’m working on right now. I’ve cast over 98 feature films, about 35 TV shows, and probably 20-something music videos. I’ve got a couple projects in L.A. that I’m working on a deal with now.


Look out for parts two and three of my interview with John Thomas coming soon! J.T. can be reached by email,, or on Facebook.

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