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JR Reynolds on a mission to win TCW Title

JR Reynolds and Ryan Hunter
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If Saturday night in Fairview, NC is, any indication of just what JR Reynolds will do in order to win the TCW Heavyweight Championship, title hold Ryan Hunter has to be worried.

Reynolds held nothing back and attacked his one-time tag team partner Jeff Lewis-Neal leaving him laying after wrapping his knee around the ring post and battering it with a chair several times before returning to the ring to continue his assault on Hunter.

Lewis-Neal was eliminated from the match and was left lying on the floor to be attended to by officials and security.

At one point in the match, Reynolds locked Hunter into a very tight full nelson, which was shades of Billy Jack Haynes and was so tight Hunter was on the verge of tapping out.

“JR had that full nelson on so tight my face was turning read, I had trouble breathing and I was going to tap but Jeff (Lewis-Neal) broke it up thank God,” Hunter said.

Though Hunter would get the pin on Reynolds and retain his title, Reynolds remains undeterred and vows to win the TCW Heavyweight Championship.

“I’m going to hurt everyone who start in my way of becoming TCW Heavyweight Champion even if it means feeling some pain myself,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds and Hunter are slated to meet one another in a Dog Collar Match on May 17, 2014 in Fairview, NC. Also scheduled to appear on that show is legendary performer Ox Baker who will be signing autographs and meeting with fans.

Reynolds ultimate goal is to be recognized by Ring of Honor and hopes the TCW title is a stepping stone to bigger and better things in his career.

SuperLaw with Ms. Order scored a victory over Abel Adams who was accompanied by Miranda Diamond. The beginning of the match saw an unorthodox “Rock/Paper/Scissors” game break out between Ms. Order and Diamond. Though Diamond won, the game Ms. Order had the last laugh when she poked Miranda in the eye.

Adams was confused and somewhat embarrassed after SuperLaw pulled Adams pants down and punched him in the butt calling the new move the “Butt Barrage.”

The match would see SuperLaw get the victory but Adams vowed revenge and the two shall meet again at the TCW show on May 3, 2014 at the Riceville Community Center.

Other matches included:

· Exodus defeated Chrisifix to retain the WNC Title and their feud continues.

· Chaos/Thug defeated Kincaid/Dollar

· Tracer X retained the TCW Light Heavyweight Championship in a Fatal Fourway when he pinned Jamie Lee after Shea-Shea and Will Demented were eliminated.

· James Drake defeated Rob Killjoy.

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