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JP Soars Wows Darwin's August 2, 2014

JP Soars and the Red Hots at Darwin's Blues Club August 2, 2014
JP Soars and the Red Hots at Darwin's Blues Club August 2, 2014
Rhettai Akamatsu

JP Soars and the Red Hots were hot indeed at Darwin's in Marietta on Saturday night. It was the CD Release Party for Full Moon Night in Memphis, which I told you about last week. Soars and the band played many songs from the CD in the first 2 hours, before we had to leave at the break. JP told the stories behind some of the songs, such as "The Back Room," which was inspired by the years the band spend playing in a club by that name in Florida every Thursday night, and "Missin' Your Kissin," which came from the experience of touring Europe and missing the sun and their loved ones.

Rhetta and JP Soars at Darwin's
Takesi Akamatsu

While Soars exhorted the packed audience several times to make the noise, he really didn't have to. They already were.

From fiery instrumentals to energetic vocals, the music was amazing. And when JP brought out the 2-string electric cigar box guitar he and his brother made, the sound he got from it was just amazing, At times, his fingers moved so fast, all I could see was a blur!

This is high-energy, electrifying music that blurs the genre lines as well. It was truly an extraordinary night. The Red Hots deserve a lot of praise, too. The ever-smiling drummer, Chris Peet, "Cool as a cat" Don Gottlieb on bass, and newest member Steve Landicino, are master musicians in their own right. Soars explained that he has known Steve for about 10 years, since they both were working at a mom-and-pop record store in Florida and used to sit and around and jam "until we got fired for siting around and jamming." Well, 10 years later all that jamming has paid off because Laudicino plays with Soars superbly.

This is a singer and a band to keep your eyes and ears on. If you missed the show, get the CD, get acquainted with the music, and catch the band when they come to your area! They are phenomenal, on the record and on the stage.

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