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JP Morgan, ASML and ADTN report earnings tomorrow. What to expect?

As I've written before, I play earnings and I play them pretty close to the end of the day. That can sometimes get tricky, as it did last night. I will try not to make that timing mistake again.

Tomorrow morning, earnings announcements from banking giant JP Morgan (JPM), ASML and Adtran (ADTN) are on tap. Before the closing bell today, I will take a look at the charts and see which way they are moving. Right now, JPM is all over the board, meaning that I cannot get any sense of which way it is moving. When that happens, it usually means that buyers and sellers are very much in sync. ASML and ADTN are looking strong, but don't jump in yet. Just like Anything Can Happen Day on the Mickey Mouse Club Show, so much can happen over the next 3 1/2 hours before the markets close.

If I can get a decent read on these three stocks at 1545 EDT, I will post them here on But if you could do me a favor and follow up on my twitter account, SamuelPGomez. Things could literally change at the last minute, which is what happened last night with Fastenal. There was not enough time to post my change of heart here on, so I just posted directly to Twitter. These things move fast, but with my help, you should be able to stay ahead of it.

Now, as for my long call on AA (Alcoa), that may be one I will have to eat. As of 1224 EDT, it is not moving and still dropping, down almost $1.15. To be honest, even though the final half hour of trading signals looked bullish, in fact they were stagnant and yet were still part of a downward trend in Alcoa that started midday yesterday. My apologies, but as David Soul sang, Don't Give Up on Us, Baby. Not yet, please. Right now, I got one right and one wrong, and it's only the second day of earnings season.

There will be more to follow, to be sure. I will try not to crowd your inbox, but as always, you can follow me on Twitter. The button above should take you directly to my tweets.

Hope you did well with FAST, and here's to more money to made by Friday .... which should make for a very festive Friday Afternoon Club.


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