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JP Marzullo to primary Odell for New Hampshire Senate seat

JP Marzullo for NH Senate
JP Marzullo for Senate

Political activist and Vice Chair of the New Hampshire Republican Committee announced on 'Tax Day' that he will be running for the New Hampshire Senate in District 8. The news should be music to the ears of 'Live Free or Die' Granite Staters who have suffered under current Senator Odell's less-than-stellar fiscally conservative record. Marzullo brings true fiscal conservatism to the table, something the district has been sorely lacking. Odell recently voted for Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion despite the wishes of his constituents, something that Marzullo was against.

As someone who has been in the medical industry for many years, Marzullo will bring fiscally solid ideas to the table as opposed to increasing taxes or federal government control over New Hampshire's purse strings. Marzullo's story is quite compelling. His Mother died at an early age from breast cancer which eventually led to Marzullo's calling:

A year after working in Pharmaceuticals as a representative Jack called me to tell me he had purchase a small X-ray company that made mammography equipment and would I be interested in working in that division. My mother died in part because the technology did not exist to do breast cancer screening. This had happened for a reason and everything in my life now made sense to me. What was a very difficult event in my life, had a reason for happening. I finally knew why I was here and what I could do to honor my mom. I took the job, worked with several countries including Sweden to help develop equipment that could be used to screen woman for breast cancer and save lives. I spent 39 years in the Radiology field and retired in July of 2009.

Why did Marzullo decide to jump into the fray now? From his website:

When I started learning about the Health Care Bill being presented by the Democrats I could not sit still and have them misinform people about its value. The healthcare system does need to be fixed but we still have the most advanced care in the world. When a government task force recommended that woman under 50 did not need breast cancer screening I was profoundly disturbed.

I had spent the first decade of my career working with Radiologist to help save lives and now the government claims that it was not helping. The statistics are overwhelmingly in support of early detection, and deaths due to breast cancer have been reduced because of it. Here in New Hampshire we need people representing us who have experience in areas such as Healthcare, Finance, Education, Small Business, and how to create more jobs. I do not feel that I am being represented and I do not feel that those in office are upholding the key part of their pledge to serve which is to defend the Constitution of both the United States and the State of NH.

There has been a big outcry lately from Granite Staters against their representatives who voted for Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion. It appears that very few Senators and Representatives were actually listening to the voters. These people do not represent their constituents. It's bad enough New Hampshire has national representatives not listening to the people, it's intolerable at the local level. JP Marzullo brings not only real-world experience to the table but has record of listening to people rather than ignoring them. It'll be an interesting primary. One to watch in New Hampshire.

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