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Joyce Meyer tells it like it is


If you think you like Joyce Meyer from the short excerpts that are shown on your television set, you will be amazaed when you show up at a conference.

It is not hard to like Meyer and her message of “God loves you, yes even you.”  But, who knew she could preach like that.  Yes, like that!!  She is a preaching machine.  Her husky voice and back to back scriptures makes for an exciting anointed assembly.  The audience can hardly stop clapping to hear the whole message.

Last Friday night at the Sommet Center in Nashville, Tennessee the crowd rose from their seats with excitement.  It must have been the gospel because it was good news to the people who packed the place out.  Meyer exhausted the human language repeating over and over again that God loves us.  It was a bath in the love of God.  Who does not need to hear such a message on a regular basis?  It is not just the message  — it is the anointing that accompanies.  People need to hear with their hearts that God loves them; they already know in their heads.

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