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Joyce Meyer cites the only way to be truly happy

Joyce Meyer cites the only way to be truly happy
Joyce Meyer Ministries

According to the Christian Post on Feb. 15, Joyce Meyer answers the question: "What is the only way to be truly happy?"

The New York Times bestselling author and founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc. has authored more than 90 books. She hosts the "Enjoying Everyday Life" radio and television programs, which air on hundreds of stations worldwide.

Meyer says she has discovered that the best way and the only way you can have a happy and powerful life is to get your mind off yourself and do something for someone else. Helping people, being a blessing and adding value to other people's lives is what it means to walk in love and follow the example of Jesus.

The well-known evangelist cites Ephesians 5:2 that encourages people to "walk in love" and we do this by esteeming and delighting in one another.

The 70-year-old Charismatic Christian author and speaker believes that if people made it a habit of being a good Samaritan, they would demonstrate what it means to love God and your neighbor as yourself.

Meyer suggests that the only way to be truly happy is to follow the commandments of Jesus and love one another. If we will learn how to follow this one commandment, everything else in our lives will fall into place. Because everything we need to be and do to follow Jesus' example is covered when we live a life filled with God's love.

According to Meyer, it's important to understand that God is not expecting you to be perfect in your love walk or to do it alone. He knows you can't do it without His help. What He wants is for you to seek Him through prayer and studying the Word. As you do, lean on Him for the grace to do what He's asking you to do each day.

In conclusion, when we love others and depend on God to help us do what He is asking us to do each day, then we will live a life that results in true happiness.

Let's love one another and see how happy we will be.

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