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Joya Studio: Review

Joya Studio

Our experience with Joya Studio was divine. We selected a couple of items for review, set our Mimosa's down and turned off the classical music. Well now, that last sentence didn't happen. But, it felt that way. The web site is sophisticated in design and the two review items were the small, roll-on parfums of the $112.00 bottles.

We totally took a shot. Maybe the parfums smelled like the DME's section at Walmart? Alas, they did not. We liked them. A lot.

We received Composition's number 1 and number 6 and while it does seem somewhat odd to roll-on perfume, we like that too. No spraying. No accidentally making the cat sneeze for 15 minutes and no misfires - lovely smelling socks - not so lovely everything else.

Hence, if you wish to feel like a wealthy lady, selecting your new aroma, Joya Studio might just be for you. The entire process was painless and we didn't even change our surname to Farnsworth or Vanderbilt. No. We are still me.

The experience did not change us. It only enhanced the sum of our earthly endeavors. We'll probably forget though. We do that. It's usually important stuff too. 'Course, it's also minutia. We forget most things.

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