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Joy To Live!

Candy Turner
Candy Turner
Candy Turner

In 1913, The American Cancer Society was founded to educate the public about cancer.

In 1971, President Richard Nixon declared war on cancer.

In 2001, an article in American Decades noted the sentiments of Samuel Hopkins Adams, an investigative journalist who became famous for his work on medical fraud -- “medicines are worse than useless in treating cancer.” The medicine of choice in the United States is chemotherapy, aka mustard gas, the pernicious chemical used in World War I to cripple the enemy.

In 2013, real time statistics on deaths resulting from cancer can be viewed on a continuously spinning meter.

In addition, treatments for other debilitating conditions…depression, fibromyalgia, Autism, MS, Parkinson’s, migraines, Down Syndrome, COPD…may be equally ineffective. In paraphrasing Albert Einstein, continuing to do what we’ve always done will continue to produce the same results. So, what’s the alternative?

Compared to a few brilliant minds in the medical field, masterminds in the health industry abound. They understand that illness is a symptom, just like fever is a symptom. Utilizing the knowledge and resources of men and women who understand how to prevent or reverse an illness by exploring its symptoms is the logical course to take. But, our tendency is to hang on to beliefs even if they no longer serve us instead of letting go of destructive thoughts and patterns. Living less than a healthy and vibrant life, or not living at all, should be all the inspiration we need to abandon that mindset.

I acquired a built-in radar for recognizing effective and affordable products, that control or reverse just about any condition, in my exhaustive search for resolutions to my son’s health issues from spinal meningitis. In 35 years, I’ve found three product lines I would recommend unconditionally. Joy to Live is my first choice because of its benefits to pregnant women, nursing mothers and newborns.

Over the years, I’ve experienced and witnessed profound results when a proactive approach to health was taken, particularly with my son. I’m driven to share the exhilaration. Joy To Live products resolve varicose veins to malaria. Every product is $22+s/h (or less), an affordable health option. Invest 45 minutes in yourself or a loved one by listening to this call…530-881-1399, code 478932#. Or take 15 minutes to watch any of four masterfully presented videos. Joy To Live is not just the name of a company…it’s an obtainable lifestyle.

Candy Turner
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