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Joy's Roti Delight: A dining nugget in Fort Lauderdale


Roti at Joy's with Trinidad and Tobago's National Beer, Carib.
Right granted by Pradeep Sawh - Joy's Roti delight

We have become accustomed to the more popular restaurants that are within the downtown Fort Lauderdale area, or on the beach, or among the many on Federal Highway, but have we thought of venturing out into areas that may not seem very appealing, but nonetheless inhabit food gems to be relished? Well, there is a quaint little place off of West Sunrise Blvd. just beyond the flea market, called Joy’s Roti Delight, which specializes in cuisine from Trinidad and Tobago, where there is a major Indian influence. They are specifically known for a type of food called Roti, which, if you have eaten Indian food before, you would recognize the name.

The outer part of the Roti (the wrap or skin) is like a sort of flat bread, made primarily of flour and butter, and it houses curried chicken (boneless or with bones), or beef, or goat, or shrimp, conch, duck and other types of protein (dependent on your preference), mixed with potatoes. It resembles a burrito. You can get it mild, medium or hot (spicy). It is quite filling, but certainly a treat. The Roti can be eaten as a pocket meal, without utensils. Using a knife and fork while eating a Roti is definitely frowned upon at Joy’s. To have an authentic experience, requires eating with your hands.It’s suggested to get a side of Mango Chutney with your Roti order; the sweetness of the chutney mixed with the savory curry is a splendid combination.

Pradeep Sawh, the manager, says they are famous for their “Doubles,” which consist of ground Garbanzo Beans flavored with curry, rolled into balls and deep-fried. It is a staple with every order. Though some of the dishes at Joy’s may not be for those on a strict dietary regiment, indulging occasionally would be a nice treat.

Joy’s is a no frills establishment that has a diverse Trinidadian menu. The atmosphere is lively, and on Saturdays, during the lunch period, usually from 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. you can truly get a feel for the islands when you step through the doors. The Calypso music is booming, and there is a line of people from diverse backgrounds eagerly awaiting their order. The environment transports you to a more laid back place, where people seem intent on hanging out, enjoying the food, and chatting with friends, than being rushed and caught up with life’s extraneous happenings. Joy’s does not boast of having the best service, but they are certain that their food compels return visits for more. Diversify your palate, and take a drive on a side of town that is hiding a delight. Enjoy!

For more info: Joy’s Roti Delight1235 N. State Road 7 in Fort Lauderdale.
Hours of operation: are typically 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Friday-Sunday.


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