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Joy Behar weighs in with Ruby Gettinger & Nancy Makin on their 930 pound weight loss

Ruby Gettinger
Ruby Gettinger
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What is perhaps the most key weight-loss factor? Determine why you gained it in the first place.

“At the time, [eating is] your coping mechanism," says Nancy Makin, who has now lost 530 pounds. "It was a very mindless feeling. I just felt the need to consume food.”

Gaining weight can signify being emotionally withdrawn. “It keeps people away,” Nancy adds. “Not just romantically. She points out that being overweight can hinder social activities and even daily chores because it is physically impossible to participate. Her book "703" follows her weight-loss story.

Reality star Ruby Gettinger says she was happy at 700 pounds, but was medically required to lose weight. "My doctor told me I was going to die. I felt my body shutting down.

“I was happy but I was stilly trying to lose weight. The first time a man told me 'you're beautiful, I would love to date you but I can't get over the physical.’ But that's where it started; I was always losing the weight for someone else; a guy to like me. No doctor ever told me to go on a diet or anything." Her new doctor apologized on behalf of his peers, saying that "we didn't know much about obesity like we do now in the past five years."

Combined, both women have lost a total of 930 pounds -- now that they have began to focus on their physiological reasons for over-eating, as well as working with doctors and trainers to eat a healthy diet and to be physically active.


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