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Joxer Daly's, to pub or not to pub

Nestled near the busy intersection of Sepulveda and Washington, the front of Joxer Daly’s looks more like a quick-eats deli than a pub, and were it not for the English calligraphy of the sign outside, you’d probably drive right on by. The inside is deceptive, making its best efforts at duplicating an Irish pub with intricately carved booths and some nice English and Irish beers on tap. However, despite a television that seems to always carry a football (soccer, Americans…soccer) match, the place never reaches that pub feel.

And perhaps that’s a good thing. A lineup of TVs above the bar sit high enough for anyone to turn and watch whatever’s on, and the bartenders are always friendly enough to change from the local division II women’s soccer match to the Sunday afternoon Chargers game. Friendliness is the key word at Joxer Daly’s. Treat the bartenders right, and one of the girls will gladly share a shot or three. “Take the piss” as they say across the pond and overstay your welcome, and you’ll get the business end of the owner. Exactly how a bar should be run.

If you’re going to enjoy a game with some friends, grab one of the tables and hang back. The view of the tellys is good enough, and the service is decent off the bar. The food is nothing that will ever grab a Michelin half-star, but is decent, dare I say, pub fare. Joxer Daly’s has the trivia and karaoke crowds in the evenings, and the bitter dive bar group sitting a bit too close to the aforementioned soccer television. That’s the thing that may keep it from being a great pub, and a terrible bar. Dark like a dive, cheery like a bar & grill, and with the prerequisite beer, wings and TVs for a sports bar. Joxer Daly’s can’t seem to truly hammer down the pub style, but that’s certainly part of its charm.

11168 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90230


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