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Journey of a Financial Advisor

Journey of a Financial Advisor
Journey of a Financial Advisor

Financial advisors also known as financial planners, financial consultants and personal advisors earn their living by assisting people in their financial needs. Becoming a qualified financial advisor demands time and hard work, but no doubt, it is a rewarding experience. Within couple of years a newbie will be able to assist home owners to meet their goals such as quality kid’s education vacation, car purchase, investment, retirement etc. through proper management of their money. Doubtlessly, in today’s unstable economy, a financial advisor can make a wonderful career. If you really urge to be a successful financial advisor keep reading this article to unearth some hidden facts about this job and career.

Educational needs:

Financial advisors need to have at least bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, business, law or mathematics. Courses in taxes, investment, risk management and estate planning are helpful as well. After completing bachelors, the candidate can acquire certifications and degrees such as CFP (Certified Financial planner), ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultants) and CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) to excel in this field. These courses and certificates are widely available in universities and colleges all across the world.

Place of work:

Majority of the financial advisors or consultants works for insurance and finance companies including commodity and security brokers, insurance carriers, banks and investment firms. However, some of these planners are self-employed operating private investment advisory firms. Research has reported that the ratio of personal advisors and financial analysts will increase to a greater number in the near future. It is because of the improved investment opportunities by individuals and businesses, self-directed retirement plans, insurance policies for adults and elderly people.

Job responsibilities:

A financial planner/advisor has to perform a myriad of responsibilities. They have to spent grueling hours in meeting with their clients regularly to discuss their financial goals and let them know about the ever-changing investment market. These advisors work hard to educate their clients on various financial areas such as insurance, debt management, debt relief options, insurance, etc. and answer their queries patiently. They have to embrace themselves with all the necessary information regarding the investment, taxes as well as government policies to guide their customers in a right way. Some of the financial advisors especially the personal advisors also trade insurance policies and they make every possible effort to help their clients in the best possible way.

Building reputation:

It is one of the most crucial facets of financial advisor career. Successful and famous financial planners rely mostly on referrals from current and ex-clients to get some additional profit. However, the new chicks can rely confidently on presenting finance related seminars, delivering free lectures in different universities and firms. They can also grab the clients by utilizing the internet market gimmicks especially the social media, content marketing and videos. A consultant can earn a good earning through these online portals. No doubt, a financial advisor can get enough concepts and knowledge through education, but the most valuable skill s/he needs is the art of selling professional skills to the targeted clients. Believe it or not, it is the secret behind all the successful financial advisors.

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