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Journey into Nyx trailer released

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The first preview week for Journey into Nyx is over, and it's been ended by the PAX East Magic panel, which revealed quite a few things about the upcoming set among others. That will be recapped later, but the most visually and narratively interesting thing showed off at PAX was the Journey into Nyx set trailer, now on YouTube.

Our narrator this time around is, as with every trailer this block, a god - Erebos, in fact, with his regally depressing voice showing the consistent "Nyx echo" effect that Heliod and post-ascension Xenagos both had. The whole thing is backed by a mournful child's song in nonsense syllables as the God of the Underworld ruminates on what a hero's journey is like.

He actually becomes rather optimistic at one point, saying Elspeth, current Champion of Theros doesn't have to face the dark alone, and that true heroes will never die.

But Erebos seems to have a very particular idea about what Elspeth is destined to do - specifically, to die defeating the Usurper God Xenagos and then fall into his grasp, allowing the death-lord the pretty jewel of a planeswalker's soul namelessly wandering his realm.

As usual, the video is packed with never-before-seen artwork, but what is says about the ending of the block story is really intriguing: Since gods rarely get their facts wrong, perhaps Elspeth is going to die for good - or perhaps she'll be resurrected.