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Journey into Nyx spoilers: Strive mass fight from MTG-JP

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As the Journey into Nyx spoilers continue both on the mothership and off it, our friends abroad are getting in on the action with exclusive foreign-language spoilers. Thanks to the crack translators in the Magic rumor community, they're not exclusive for long; and's latest is a powerful green removal and pump spell to showcase the new replicate-esque keyword, strive. Here's Setessan Tactics, in English:

Setessan Tactics 1G

Instant (Rare)

Strive - Setessan Tactics costs G more to cast for each target beyond the first.

Any number of target creatures each gets +1/+1 and gains "T: This creature fights another target creature" until end of turn.

Talk about seriously changing up the combat math. That strive cost of a mere green mana makes this a crazy-good heroic enabler when you have a bunch of heroes down on the battlefield - your average Centaur Battlemaster especially appreciates this. And while the pump is nice, this really shines on the block as, potentially, an instant-speed piece of mass removal. With vigilant creatures and a Bow of Nylea on the attack, you'll suddenly have a lot fewer blockers to worry about. The bottom line is: This is absolutely a game-changing spell that can be had for relatively cheap as long as you have the right board position, and a skill tester par excellence that has uses in both Limited and Constructed.

What do you think of this brawl-inducing instant? Let me know in the comments.