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Journey into Nyx spoilers: Destructive Atlas-alike from Magic Europe Facebook


One of the big flavor goals of Theros is top-down Greek mythology references, making sure to hit familiar tropes without truly aping them. So far, many of the original stories have been given the Magic twist, although some of the most famous and epic ones have yet to get cards... but R&D was saving the best for last. The Magic Facebook page has "one just for Europe" in the form of a familiar-seeming Giant with a big job to do.

Bearer of the Heavens 7R

Creature - Giant (Rare)

When Bearer of the Heavens dies, destroy all permanents at the beginning of the next end step.

To hold the heavens from the earth is no curse, but a titanic responsibility.


This is, of course, Atlas, the titan who held up the vault of the sky separate from the earth in Greek mythology. Hercules at one point filled in for him because only Atlas could get the golden apples from his daughters the Hesperides, then tried to take advantage of the hero and leave him with the burden forever, but Hercules tricked him in an underappreciated moment of intelligence. We aren't, however, meant to assume that there's a literal mortal Giant holding up all of Nyx from Theros; it appears the Therosian version is only responsible for holding open a huge portal, which would cause devastation if disrupted.

The beautiful thing about Bearer of the Heavens, compared to its obvious (cheaper and more evasive but smaller and five-colored) forebear Child of Alara, is that it's inevitably game-ending. Either that 10/10-for-eight body swings in for a quick win, or it gets killed before that happens and everything is gone, including lands. Indiscriminate mass destruction is something red should really get more of, and the Apocalypse reference here is cool.

As with any expensive card, the default position for this is "Commander fave," but don't discount a wacky Eternal combo deck with Sneak Attack.

What do you think of this imposing red groundpounder? Let me know in the comments.

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