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'Journey Into Nyx' preview week: 'Gnarled Scarhide'

This is great news for people who love minotaurs.
Wizards of the Coast

This week begins the "Journey Into Nyx" previews on There is no particular order to the previews on the "Magic: The Gathering" site and there is no particular order here as well. With that in mind, here is the next card:

Gnarled Scarhide - B - Uncommon - Enchantment Creature - 2/1 - Bestow 3B - Gnarled Scarhide can't block. Enchanted creature gets +2/+1 and can't block.

As if minotaurs weren't strong enough, they go and get their own version of "Savannah Lions." Not to mention this makes black based aggro decks even stronger.

The fact that the minotaur can't block is not a big disadvantage. Take into account "Rakdos Cackler." Many times, players opt to unleash it, choosing to enhance its power by one point at the cost of being able to block. With a creature like this, your strategy is to defeat your opponent as fast as you can. The added "bestow" ability makes this card even more charming and should make it worthy of both constructed and Limited play. Will people bestow it? All signs point to "no," but having the option is always nice.

Aggressive players will definitely want to play the maximum four copies of this creature in their decks. This, combined with cards like "Tormented Hero" and "Mogis's Marauder" will having you swinging for lethal damage in very few turns.

"Journey Into Nyx" hits stores on May 2. Prerelease events will be held the weekend of April 26 and 27. It will then be released online May 12. Finally, Game Day events will be held the weekend of May 24 and 25.

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