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'Journey Into Nyx' preview week: 'Dictate of Karametra'

What will you do with all that mana?
Wizards of the Coast

Welcome to night five of the "Journey Into Nyx" previews courtesy of There is no special order to the previews on their site, and there is not special order here as well. With that in mind, here is the newest card:

Dictate of Karametra - 3GG - Rare - Enchantment - Flash. Whenever a player taps a land for mana, that player adds one mana to his or her mana pool of any type that land produced.

Many of you may be familiar with Mana Flare, but the card that really comes to mind is Mirari's Wake. Mostly because they have similar casting costs. However, Mirari's Wake was 3GW and Dictate of Karametra is 3GG. Either way, the color green is involved which means that mana acceleration will not be a problem.

The added flash ability makes it somewhat interesting. It means that you'll be able to cast it and use it before your opponent takes advantage of it. Speaking of which, the fact that your opponent will be able to benefit from its effects is quite the downside.

One thing is for sure, Kruphix is gaining quite the arsenal. With this and the gods ability combined, and it seems like a player will have an endless amount of mana, but what can you do with it? Hopefully there will be something to come out of this new set that will allow players to really take advantage of mana dumps.

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