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'Journey Into Nyx' preview week: 'Dakra Mystic'

Could this be a staple in Standard control decks?
Wizards of the Coast

This week begins the "Journey Into Nyx" previews on There is no particular order to the previews on the "Magic: The Gathering" site and there is no particular order here as well. With that in mind, here is the next card:

Dakra Mystic - U - Uncommon - Creature - 1/1 - U,Tap: Each player reveals the top card of his or her library. You may put the revealed cards into their owners' graveyards. If you don't, each player draws a card.

The first thing that comes into mind is that this creature is a Merfolk. There are plenty of things you can do. Will it see play in Modern and Legacy Merfolk decks? There is a possibility. There are two important things to think about here, though: drawing cards, and the revelation of cards.

Card advantage has always been a very important thing in "Magic." Having more options and providing yourself with more ways to win or not lose helps tremendously, especially if you can put those options into your hand. That's one reason why Dakra Mystic will probably see play.

Information is a big thing in the game of "Magic: The Gathering." Mike Flores is right about many things in his recent article where the Mystic was previewed. He closed that article with a statement regarding a "false sense of superiority" for your opponent. Here he was talking about allowing your opponent to draw their powerful spell when you've got ways to deal with it. That false sense is a tactic you can use to guide your opponent into playing a certain way for your advantage.

This has been one of the more interesting cards spoiled on the first day. It was mentioned earlier that it may see Modern and Legacy play, but what about Standard? You can expect it to be certainly considered for control decks across the board.

What do you think about this card? The last popular uncommon card was "Young Pyromancer." Could this reach that height in popularity?

"Journey Into Nyx" hits stores on May 2. Prerelease events will be held the weekend of April 26 and 27. It will then be released online May 12. Finally, Game Day events will be held the weekend of May 24 and 25.

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