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'Journey Into Nyx' preview week: 'Ajani's Presence'

It makes for a nice combat trick, but nothing more.
Wizards of the Coast

This week begins the "Journey Into Nyx" previews on There is no particular order to the previews on the "Magic: The Gathering" site and there is no particular order here as well. With that in mind, here is the next card:

Ajani's Presence - W -Common -Instant - Strive - Ajani's Presence cost 2W more to cast for each target beyond the first. Any number of target creatures each get +1/+1 and gain indestructible until end of turn.

This is the first preview card to feature the new mechanic "Strive." The new mechanic allows you to apply the same ability numerous times to different target creatures. Unlike another similar ability, "multikicker," you cannot target the same creature multiple times. This makes it so you cannot abuse a creature's heroic ability and trigger it multiple times.

According to the article regarding the new mechanics, if you wanted to cast "Ajani's Presence" on two creatures it would cost "2WW." If you wanted to cast it on three creatures, it would cost "4WWW," and so on.

For its first appearance, the ability and card are very lackluster. There is very little chance that a card like this will see constructed play. However, there is a slight chance it may see some Limited play. The ability to pump a creature and make it indestructible are valuable combat tricks. The fact that it only costs an initial one white mana gives it added value. However, there is little beyond that.

For a common card, though, it is what should be expected. What do you think of the new mechanic? Do you need to see more to give better judgment?

"Journey Into Nyx" hits stores on May 2. Prerelease events will be held the weekend of April 26 and 27. It will then be released online May 12. Finally, Game Day events will be held the weekend of May 24 and 25.

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